This Is Who I Am

In this world, we grow up having big dreams of what we want to be, of who we want to be. But sometimes life takes us in a different direction. We think we want to be "this", but we turn out being "that". But you know what? "That" is really ok! "That" really isn't so bad. I used to dream of being a big country music star, but I ended up becoming a lighting designer. I used to dream of being married with the 2.5 kids and a white picket fence, but I have a dog and cats. I have struggled with my identity....I've struggled with how I look...including eating disorders....I have struggled with  trying to be everything everyone wants to see...I may not be 20 years old anymore...But you know what? "That" is ok! Life turned out exactly how I had not planned, yet if I had it all to do over again, I would not change a thing! I LOVE my life! It really is OK on how it turned out. . I am proud of who I am. And you should be too. Be proud of who you are, of what you have become. Because it really is amazing. You are amazing. Life is amazing. And it really is something to be proud of. Embrace your life as I have mine. This is exactly what inspired this song, "This Is Who I Am" .I mean every word from my heart. And I hope when you hear it, you will feel what I am feeling, and it will touch your life and make you want to shout  "This Is Who I Am"

Let me tell you what this campaign is about!

This Is Who I Am Mission Statement

 Join me on my crusade to help each and every one of you embrace your own individuality and your own life. Be proud of who you are..of what you are, and what you have become! Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks that you should be. Whether you are big , small, younger, older, gay, straight, have a career opposite of what you had planned, a mother, a father, a teacher, whatever....whatever your walk of life is...embrace it...Whatever your journey is, walk it and be proud of it.

Together we can stop so many things...We can help put a stop to bullying! Stop driving people to eating disorders and unnecessary losses of life due to such a sad perceived image of themselves...Love who you is genderless....for us middle aged people, be proud of it. I am 51 and not trying to hide that. I am proud of that! Life just keeps getting better. I may be older, but I am wiser. Be proud of who you are!!! Be proud to say THIS IS WHO I AM!

If this campaign can make a difference in someone's life, or even save someone's life, then the message has successfully been received. 

Please read my story and use me as an example of overcoming obstacles in this world and becoming whatever it is you want to become. There are two facts in are born, and you die..What happens in between is totally up to you.  I am an example of it's never too late to follow your dreams and make them a reality. Even if you don't achieve the exact dream, at least you tried. Life is to short to have any regrets and wonder "what if". I know that wherever this path takes me, I will never have to say "what if?"..I will be able to say "I DID!" 

This site is dedicated to people that are proud to be themselves..and like me, are proud to say "THIS IS WHO I AM".

This song is especially dedicated to the LGBTQ community.

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